The Barcelona-based Architecture and Interior Design firm was founded in 1962 by Pedro Cortacans Borrell (born in 1937 in Barcelona). He had previously studied Civil Engineer and Architecture in his home town university, while working part-time as a baker at his father's patisserie.

While actively leading his own office, he built more than 500.000m2 (5.000.000sqft) of private housing, hotels, public and leisure buildings, etc.

He is now retired from designing buildings, and works as a senior Court Expert and Forensic Architect.

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In 1995, Pedro Cortacans Balada (born in 1967 in Barcelona) joined the team. He had previously studied Architecture in his home town university, and a master in Industrial Design in Domus Academy (Milan).

He offers Space Branding services (brand + graphic + web + still and moving images + space and interior design) to selected clients. He works as a semi-professional photographer. His pictures have been exhibited in Art Galleries in Spain and France, and published in numerous magazines and websites. [].

He works part-time as a junior Court Expert and Forensic Architect.

He is fluent in spanish, catalan, english, italian and french, and speaks basic turkish.